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Strength and portion

The strength and portion of my life !

Jesus is the strength and portion forever.

My flesh and my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Psalms 73:26 NKJV.
God is the strength and portion forever.

Praises to the almighty living God!

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, greetings to you! Take heart that we have the King of Kings and Lord of Lords as our strength. Truly, our Lord Jesus is the authority over all the creation, the earth and the heavens. It is in His might we have the confidence in. The all sovereign Lord is our saviour. Over the course of time, our body and mind may weaken. But let us not give up and weaken the Spirit. Be glad and joyful for our source of strength is Lord Jesus. He is the power and portion of our lives. His peace is bestowed upon us for we are His children. Therefore, let us continually lean on Him and work towards the will of the almighty Heavenly Father. Consciously put every effort to glorify His name at every step and stage of our earthly journey.

Finally brethren, let us seek the Holy Father, His righteousness and holy kingdom in the name of Lord Jesus. Amen.