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Open rebuke

Open rebuke better than hidden love.

Better is open rebuke than hidden love.

Prov. 27:5‭ NIVUK.
Better is open rebuke than hidden love. Prov. 27:5‭ NIVUK

Nodoubt, we would like people to be straight with us in everything. While most of us are not the same in reciprocating to others. Perhaps we could say that to some extent we are straight forward with our friends and family members. Out of love and good intentions, we easily admonish our loved ones. This is to make them understand and differentiate the right and wrong. It is very necessary, as it is for the good of the person. Also the open rebuke by a righteous person demonstrates pure love for the other person. Withholding to condemn, out of concealed love could only harm the other person. The Bible verse, “better is open rebuke than hidden love”, does not necessarily gives us a ticket to be loud-mouthed and be severely harsh on others. If we ourselves are not in the right frame of mind and not in the righteousness of God, then we have no right to allow ourselves to be critical of others. Finally brethren, let us be same to ourselves as well as with others. Practice what we preach and never be shy of voicing concerns in righteousness. In Jesus matchless name. Amen.